Monday, September 8, 2008

What is mig33?

Mig33 is a global mobile community that lets you keep in touch with friends and family through a variety of online services, right on your mobile phone.

With mig33, you can chat and send instant messages and emails, make inexpensive international phone calls, share photos, connect with old friends and even meet new ones. Think of it as an addition to your phone's existing service.

What you get with mig33

Suddenly, you'll have an array of service to help you stay connected and save money, all in the palm of your hand.


¤ Chatrooms
¤ Profiles
¤ Photo Sharing
¤ Mobile Web
¤ Rewards for inviting friends
¤ And more


¤ Use your IM (MSN, Yahoo!, ICQ, AOL, Google Talk, SMS, to name a few)
¤ Share Photos
¤ Make inexpensive international phone calls
¤ Send cheap international SMS
¤ And more

What is mig33

mig33 is free global community that keeps you in touch with friends and family, anyway you want, all from your mobile phone.

Download mig33

¤ Chat with millions of mig33 users
¤ MSN, Yahoo!, ICQ/AIM or GTALK
¤ Cheap international calls
¤ Cheap flat-rate SMS
¤ Over 200,000 chat rooms
¤ Share photos
¤ Create & explore user profiles
¤ Email from your phone
¤ Free credits for inviting friends